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Why Black Boys Need Mentor Clubs?

Black boys need mentors. When gangs, death or prison are among the top 5 options for  60% of America's black males, we have a crisis.  All across America black boys are being exterminated. Our communities need a solution to help facilitate a change in the trajectory of black boys. 


All of these problems have the same solution: We need big ideas that invest in mentoring young black boys and opening their eyes to the potential each has within.


Today, I'm introducing the Mentor Clubs of America Initiative -- a bold multi-million-dollar campaign that is endorsed by the Minority Christian Coaches Association, CPIC International Fund and Christian Programs for Inner-City Children.


I need your help to show the entire world that black boys need mentors and you are not afraid to give black boys hope by supporting this Mentor Clubs of America Initiative.


When 70% of poor families with black children are headed by single mothers and 67% of those black children are more likely to continue in poverty throughout their adulthood we need a serious solution.


Black boys need mentors and we are ready to initiate a national mentoring model.


Thanks for being a Mentor Clubs of America advocate!


What is a Mentor Club?

mentor club is a place where young black boys can meet and participate in activities such as workshops, volunteering, camping, conferences, and fun activities.  Mentor clubs are set up to provide each young black boy a mentor who will participate in activities designed to keep them off the streets and out of trouble, and to give them job training and spark their interest in social activity. All mentees and mentors will attend bi-weekly conferences, which take place at various hotels around the state.


What are the benefits of being in a Mentor Club?

Mentor clubs match mentors with young people who need or want a caring, responsible adult in their lives. The goal of the youth mentoring club is to improve the well-being of the child by providing a role model that can   support the child academically, socially and/or personally. This goal can be accomplished through school work, communication, travel and group   activities.  Mentor Clubs help guide mentees into becoming self-sufficient, work ready and responsible adults.


How often does the Mentor Club meet? and Where?

Mentor Clubs of America will pick your son up from home each Friday.  They will be transported to and from each conference they attend.  The conference schedule is on the reverse side of this page. 


What activities will my Son participate in at the Mentor Club?

Your son will have the chance to attend 4 workshops each weekend alone with fun activities, swimming, fishing, hiking, and participate in grassroots canvassing by educating the public about issues concerning black boys.


How do I get my Son signed-up for a Mentor Club?

Call Mentor Clubs of America at (414) 507-2430


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