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CPIC Five Year Strategic Plan
The CPIC Five Year Strategic Plan reflects a new perspective on the Agency’s work—a sharpened focus on achieving measurable ministry results. In contrast to past plans, CPIC has constructed its Strategic Plan around five new goals that describe the results we are striving to achieve: Christian Evangelism, Wellness Education, Workforce Training, Urban Missions and Developing & Maintaining Strategic Partnerships.


Goals at a Glance

Goal 1


Christian Evangelism: Preach the Gospel to public and private school youth through fellowship clubs.


Plan: CPIC plans to partner with Public Schools Systems (PSS) and other community agencies by offering the Sons of David, Club David, Daughters of Ester and Club Esther Christian mentoring programs to elementary and middle school aged youth.


Goal 2


Wellness Education: Offer PSS and service providers fitness classes, healthy living workshops and conferences.


Plan: CPIC plans to continue to offer the Team Fitness, Sports Academy and Wellness is Fun Conference to PSS and community agencies ,while seeking out opportunities to collaborate with more after-school and summer partners through wellness education programs.


Goal 3


Workforce Training: Equip teens with employment training and job placements services.


Plan: CPIC plans to offer the Work Ready Certification program to local Work Investment Boards, PSS and other community agencies to prepare teens for the workforce.


Goal 4


Urban Missions: Offer churches and civic groups local and national inner-city mission opportunities.


Plan: CPIC plans to offer suburban teens and parents opportunities to volunteer through the Gifts of Love and East Coast Vision Quest missions programs, while giving service teams the chance to minister to inner-city child and families trough volunteerism.


Goal 5


Developing & Maintaining Strategic Partnerships: Offer stakeholders and community partners   quality services and accountability through our service model.


Plan: CPIC plans to maintain partnerships with PSS, local community agencies and current partnering youth based organizations. We also plan to develop national partnerships with other canvassing teams through CPIC International in the hopes of fullfilling our vision.
Focused on the Mission 


CPIC believes that taking this approach of establishing four goals focused on the ministry mission of “creating leadership opportunities that foster accountability, education, employment training and service to the world” will help facilitate CPIC’s ability to better serve urban centers and communicate our service model to key stakeholders.

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